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Tuesday 28th April - Painted Pebbles

Apr 23 2020

Painted Pebbles

Get creative today by painting pebbles.

You can turn a pebble in to many lots of fun and exciting creations - whatever the weather.

Animals, patterns, flowers, shapes or faces are just a few ideas to get you started.

If you could even paint your hand or footprint on to your pebble and leave it at your grandparents doorstep to cheer them up. You could even create a pebble treasure hunt around your house and garden for your family. 

Don't forget to upload your finished painted pebbles to facebook, tag us and use #THCPhomeclub #farmfun we would love to see your finished painted pebbles.




* Pebbles and stones

* Poster or acrylic paint

* Paintbrushes

* A glass of water

* A colour mixing

* Clear nail varnish




Turn your pebbles into works of art, do the following:


Decide what you're going to use the finished stone for (check out our painting pebbles ideas below).

Paint the stone with your design. Kids can be as creative as they like here – and don't forget to sign your artwork too!

Allow the paint to dry and then cover it with a protective layer of clear nail varnish; this will also give your stone a nice shiny finish.

Once this is dry, your painted stone is complete!



Images do not belong to Thornton Hall Country Park.