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Wednesday 6th May - House Treasure Hunt


House Trasure Hunt

Create a map of your home and hide small items around it.

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Mark each piece of hidden treasure on the map.

Explain the map to your little one and offer your support for the hunting game in case they need it.


If your kids are older....

you can use word cards describing a place where you have hidden an item.

For example: “I am cold and make a ‘bing bing’ noise if left open”.

The answer is the fridge, of course.

Or possibly an emergency escape hatch.


Kids love this combination of a quiz and hunt.

It’s hard not to get in on the fun, too.



Even once they’ve found all the treasure, why not get them to organise their own hunt?

They can draw their own map or come up with their own cryptic questions to send you on a great search.



Don't forget to upload a photo of your treasure hunt map, tag us and use #THCPhomeclub #farmfun we would love to see having fun around the house!


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